"The distance between the maker and the user is growing, and with it the understanding and appreciation of skilled craftsmanship. However, the majority of craftsmen are also ignoring the opportunities that new digital making can add to their traditional skills. By considering technology as a barrier instead of a method of support, and favouring craft over the digital or vice versa, we are not able to completely embrace such a blend between traditional craft skills and innovative technologies. I strive to develop a blend between the two, I believe this can result in work that is able to move beyond the limitations of the handmade, and also embrace the use of digital making."



The approach to design I adopted throughout my degree, combined traditional craft skills with innovative technologies. This enabled me to maintain a meticulous attention to detail and high quality of output. To this day, it has permitted me to design and make furniture that pushes the boundaries of the handmade. Having discovered the relevance of craftsmanship making in an era where the future seems to be digital, I have been inspired to translate these findings through a personal and individual approach to design.